This is my great, great aunt Benedetta. She was brave, clever, and driven to move things forward. She was also an Italian model who had ‘married well,’ enchanting my bohemian great, great uncle, Ricard Canals.

While her husband painted in the Gothic Quarter and at philosophised over drinks at Els Quatre Gats, my aunt’s sense of urgency drove her to start our family’s tailoring business.

In turn-of-the century Barcelona, it was not fashionable for a woman to work for a living. Even worse, the business was a success.

But then a war hit.  And then another.  And suddenly, it wasn’t uncommon to name drop Benedetta as our relative.

Most remember Benedetta by her portrait painted by Ricard’s best friend, Pablo Picasso. But my great, great aunt left another legacy. She taught the younger members of our family about design, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Fast forward a few generations. Her passions are in my genes: a love for innovative design, quality work and the extra touches that set Barcelona Collective apart.

I’m very proud of the artisans that build our beautiful shoes by hand. I hope you’ll also enjoy discovering how amazing our handcrafted footwear feels.  Tell me about it, I want to hear your story too.